Conference Themes

The Tenth International Conference on The Image features research addressing the following annual themes.

  • Theme 1: The Form of The Image
  • Theme 2: Image Work
  • Theme 3: The Image in Society
  • 2019 Special Focus - Techno-storytelling: Past, Present, Future

2019 Call for Entries: The Image Conference Pop-Up Exhibition

The Tenth International Conference on The Image invites conference participants to submit artistic work for entry to the 2019 Image Conference Pop-Up Exhibition. Entries are invited which address the exhibition focus, Techno-storytelling: Past, Present, Future.

Submission Details

Entries are welcome in the following areas: 1) Visual artworks—photography, prints, drawings, paintings, 2) Short films or videos, 3) Screen-based computer or net art.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals should submitted no later than 8 June 2019. Entries must include the following:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Title of work
  • Description of your work (concept, idea, materials)
  • Installation requirements: electricity, amount of wall space (approx. size of the work), mounting materials. etc.
  • Knowledge focus (research, practice, theory)

Entries will be reviewed by 8 July 2019, and applicants will be notified of acceptance via email. Once an entry is accepted, participants must register for the conference.

Conference Chair

Jacqueline Butler

Jacqueline Butler

Head of Media, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom

Plenary Speakers

The Tenth International Conference on The Image will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field.

Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger

Professor, Creative Writing and Digital Media, and Director, Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, Bath Spa University, Bath, UK

Conference Partner

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