This Exhibition Sees Our Ties to Data, Reveals the Future Is Now

  • 2015-10-28
  • Medium

Photography is embedded in the core of our interactions, our self-description and our systems of security and commerce. From individually-tailored banner-ads to instant feedback of photo apps, and from retina-tracking software to sex-at-the-tip-of-a-right-swiping-finger, the photographic medium is in fluid, decentralized and almost omni-present use.

Ever since its invention, photography has accelerated at exponential pace toward barely imaginable futures and technical employ — self-driving cars, cameras that feed behavior prediction software, images of Pluto, from Pluto. So advanced are our capabilities to make, manipulate and process images that “Photography” is no longer an adequate term to describe the (digital) visual culture in which we operate. Perhaps, technical images and technical image-making might be better terms? Maybe, in the future, those terms will be swapped out for robotic image-making, or AI image-manufacture?...